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Future Pokemon Evolutions 2 Fanmade

Adve Adminis · 4,599,191 views
Future Pokemon Evolutions // Future Pokemon Evolutions 2 // Pokemon Evolutions from GEN 2 // Good Pokemon evolutions // Pokemon Evolutions you would like to see // New Evolutions Pokemon // Fakemon // Fakemon Gen 2 // Johto Evolutions

I don't know all the artist that did the these artworks, put the ones that I knew I put the credits. If you're the owner of the art, please talk in comments that I will add the credits.
Noctowl (up): ???
Noctowl (down): ???
Ledian: cscdgnpry
Ariados: nelsinios
Lanturn: cscdgnpry
Ampharos: cscdgnpry
Sudowoodo (up): reallydarkandwindie
Sudowoodo (down): simodare
Sunflora: reallydarkandwindie-daihhcf
Wobbuffet: ???
Girafarig (first evo): ???
Girafarig (up): ???
Girafarig (down): ???
Dunsparce (first evo): cscdgnpry-d9q420i
Dunsparce (second evo): ???
Granbull: ???
Qwilfish: reallydarkandwindiea
Shuckle: theangryaron
Heracross: ???
Sneasel: ???
Corsola (pre evo): ???
Male Corsola: Smiley fakemon
Female Corsola: dragara
Delibird: ???
Mantine: reallydarkandwindie
Skarmory (pre evo): ???
Skarmory: cadmiumred
Smeargle: seyanni
Tyranitar: Saiph charon

CREDITS [Song]: GlitchxCity